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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Zen Audio

You can find nice speeches by Michael Eido Luetchford in English with Czech translation at http://www.dogensangha.cz/audio-video/. Mike is Brad Warner's brother id Dharma lineage. I like them both very very much. :-)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Jan Karpíšek: Dragon-Lion-Hero, acryl on canvas, 85x100 cm, 2010

Original acrylic painting by painter Jan Karpíšek "Dragon-Lion-Hero" represents a house-head of enamoured author, in which a monk practices zazen, distracting himself from his own drawing of a beloved woman, who is both a dragon and a lion.

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Who is always listening how the sweet pears ring?

Jan Karpíšek: Who is always listening how the sweet pears ring?, watercolor on paper, 42x49 cm, 2009, private collection, Czech Republic

Original watercolor painting by painter Jan Karpíšek "Who is always listening how the sweet pears ring?" is a wider koan version representing meditation experience when suddenly both inner and out-of-head localization of sound appeared and an object for observation was also listening aparatus inside the head of observer.

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Jan Karpíšek: Oheňíhit, natural pigments from Rudice on canvas (dried-up pool), 145x200cm, 2009

Original natural painting by painter Jan Karpíšek titled "Oheňíhit" (same as the authors' freegan exhibition in Olomouc) was made as an artificial dried-up pool at Jans' permaculture garden, it was only setup and the weather made the painting alone. The big center, Sun.

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Double Pool

Jan Karpíšek: Double Pool, natural pigments from Rudice on canvas (double dried-up pool), 90x150cm, 2009

Original natural painting by painter Jan Karpíšek "Double Pool" was made as an artificial dried-up double pool at authors' permaculture garden, it was only setup and the weather made the painting itself. Folded canvas, symetric but different halves. The longer you look the more you see.

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Suddenly I localized a heard sound outside as well as inside my head

Jan Karpíšek: Suddenly I localized a heard sound outside as well as inside my head, aluminium caps and natural pigments on canvas, 100x125cm, 2009

Original natural painting by painter Jan Karpíšek "Suddenly I localized a heard sound outside as well as inside my head" was made of aluminium caps (recycling as a freegan principle) and natural pigment in home-made oil colour. Based on meditation experience of sound inside and outside the head localization. The inner ear bones? Where is the Self?

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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Little Tea

Jan Karpíšek: The Little Tea, acryl on canvas, 60x70 cm, 2009

Original linear painting by painter Jan Karpíšek "The Little Tea" was created in Berlin in September 2009 exhibition in F.I.T., a former gas station already converted on the art side. A big muscled man drinking tea from a tiny cup is a funny metaphor of disproportion or power of natural chemicals?

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Über Skizzen

Jan Karpíšek: Über Skizzen, (painting based on live reading by Tobias Roth), acryl on canvas, 60x70 cm, 2009

Original freestyle painting by painter Jan Karpíšek "Über Skizzen" was created while Tobias Roth has been reading his essay at the Betakontext exhibition in Berlin F.I.T. of Dida Zende, a former gas station already converted on the art side, in September 2009. Painting based on listening, free associations in foreign language, which Karpíšek knows only partly and he understood only about a tenth.

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Berlin Bear

Jan Karpíšek: Berlin Bear, (together with Michal Gogora), acryl on canvas, 60x70 cm, 2009

Original common painting by painter Jan Karpíšek and Michal Gogora "Berlin Bear" was created on the Betakontext exhibition in Berlin during September 2009 in F.I.T. of Dida Zende, a former gas station already converted on the art side. A totemic armorial animal of the german capital city or just only a man with bear's head acts in a strange erotic scene with an excited woman.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oheňíhit - Freegan art of time paintings?

Jan Karpíšek - OHEŇÍHIT - Freegan art of time paintings?, Galerie U Mloka, Olomouc, 1.-20.8.2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Cipher of The Web

The Cipher of The Web, acryl on canvas, 45x70 cm, 2009, private collection, Czech Republic

Original painting by painter Jan Karpíšek "The Cipher of The Web" shows a silhouette of pure enlightened buddha having rest, who cut off all thinking and had an insight in tissue of web of the world. Fish without head, sun reflections on the water-table inside and outside of mind...

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Am Always Here

I Am Always Here, acryl on canvas, 85x105 cm, 2009

Original painting by painter Jan Karpíšek "I Am Always Here" represents a sleeping hairless man in mountains by the sea, surrounded with radishes, some woman's dark hair creeps by his legs, a fruit tree with ripening plums grows and a sickle lies close to his hand. A small bird is singing above his head and a boat with anchored fishing rod is harboured down the hill. The painting symbolizes Being out of wakefulness and normal consciousness, Buddha nature, not craving and no-thinking, sleep of Buddha...

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In the Parquet

In the Parquet, oil on canvas, 45x50 cm, 2009

Original oil painting by painter Jan Karpíšek "In the Parquet" is just a visual note on watching the floor recently.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Skoda of the Indians

Škoda of the Indians (A Pity for the Indians), oil on metal Škoda hubcap, Landfillart project, ø26 cm, 2009

Original painting by painter Jan Karpíšek "Škoda of the Indians" (A Pity for the Indians) was created for the Landfillart.org project of Ken Marquis (Pennsylvania), artistic recycling the old metal hubcaps. The red Indian hunter on the painting wants to kill a deer but his arrow is really poor and anyway, the whole world is holden by Mara, the Lord of Death...

Winter Mandala

The Winter Mandala, the natural pigments from Rudice on canvas, 64x84 cm, 2009

Karpíšek's "Winter Mandala" has been left on the artist's garden for the whole winter to be finished by natural process of snowing, raining, melting, winding etc. The abstract concentric circles with a strange spot in the middle could be understood as a metaphor of the Self.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Phil Maggi - Blue FIelds in Paramount CD

OUT NOW on Idiosyncratics Records :
Phil Maggi - Blue FIelds in Paramount CD

Blue Fields in Paramount is a very personal and fascinating opus, a beautiful introduction to the style of this talented artist, that could be qualified as 'dark psychedelia for daydream believers'.
It has been mastered by James Plotkin (Khlyst, Khanate, Old, Phantom) and is out now as a limited to 300 copies ekopack release with a fantastic artwork by czech artist Jan Karpisek.


Denisa Krausova

In this case I don't want to speculate if the author's paintings are "spiritual" or not. Anyway artworks by Denisa Krausová (1981) are just excellent and getting better! No wonder that Denisa is receiving more and more public attention recently. After an exhibition with Lucie Ferliková in Divus Unit 30 in London there will be her one woman show in a prestigious gallery Ad Astra soon (opening on March 25th). Visit Denisa's websites: www.denisakrausova.net

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thangka Gallery

I've met my friend Pavel yesterday. He had a great news. :)
Pavel bought a very nice thangka from a buddhist monk Akka from Nepal who visited Brno recently.
See websites of him and his colleagues: www.thangkagallery.com
I like very much their charity project: www.dcwcnepal.org
The thangkas reminded me my diploma thesis which includes interpretation of the Wheel of Life. Today I will paint that on paper and place it on the wall above my painting easel. I believe it will bring more peace to the kitchen corner where I create my art.

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Petr Pastrňák

Czech painter and visual artist Petr Pastrňák (1962) creates original paintings also considered as spiritual. Petr is concerned with meditation as well. Art is for him another way of exploring the inner space. His works are mainly abstract meditations as well as figurative. Visit his websites www.petrpastrnak.cz

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Lady (Svitava)

The Lady (Svitava), the natural pigments from Rudice on canvas, 195x120 cm, 2009

Karpíšek's ecological painting "The Lady" (Svitava) created with the natural clays only shows a goddess with bewitched eyeview and long curly red hair standing in the meadow. She represents the Svitava river, our Lady of calm woods in Moravian karst. The natural pigments are not fixed by any medium.

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Hagazussa (One Who Sits on the Hedge), acryl on canvas, 55x65 cm, 2009

Karpíšek's "Hagazussa" (One Who Sits on the Hedge) shows a witch on the fence between two worlds, surrounded with a fog.

The Roof of the Field

The Roof of the Field, the natural pigments from Rudice on canvas, 55x60 cm, 2009

Karpíšek painted "The Roof of the Field" with the natural pigments (clays) from the Rudice village in Moravian karst and fixed it with linen oil and the damar resin afterwards. It shows the relevancy of soil and roof (As above, so below).

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IBM carrots

IBM carrots, acryl on canvas, 95x130 cm, 2009

Karpíšek's "IBM carrots" is a contemporary satirical interpretation of "The Angelus" by Jean-Francois Millet showing the today world's dependency on IT specialists. Everything in our civilisation disconnected from nature including the machines in agriculture and workers using the cell phones do need computers.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Virtual tour of Punkwa art group exhibition "Pack of Bats" in the Gallery of the city Blansko

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Karpisek changed the team

Punkwa art group lost two other members after one week living and painting in the Gallery of the city Blansko. Lukáš Karbus and Jan Karpíšek left the group because of too different opinions on some important topics and they arranged together a new formation also called by the Moravian river - Svitava. Punkva river joins Svitava river behind Blansko. "Svit" means "shine" in Czech.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


You can see the paintings by Jan Karpisek in the following year in Paris! A very interesting exhibition project of Czech artists including prof. Martin Mainer is managed by Laipa company.
See their websites: www.laipa.eu

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Friday, October 31, 2008

The Seeing

Jan Karpíšek: The Seeing, acryl on canvas, 70x80 cm, 2008

"The Seeing" was inspired by a vision behind the closed eyes. Author interpretes that the Eye is a Consciousness in a wild world. By the way, the lower part of the canvas looks similar to some paintings by A.R.Penck.

A call from +234**********

Warning for all artists!

If you receive a call from phone number starting with +234 be very careful. It's most probably a Nigerian scammer calling. Don't be happy that someone is "very interested" in your painting. Be aware!

Courtesy of The 419 Coalition

1. NEVER pay anything up front for ANY reason.
2. NEVER extend credit for ANY reason.
3. NEVER do ANYTHING until their check clears.
4. NEVER expect ANY help from the Nigerian Government.
5. NEVER rely on YOUR Government to bail you out.

Read more:
Nigeria - The 419 Coalition Website
Federal Bureau of Investigation - Common Fraud Schemes
Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud at state.gov
Advance-fee fraud - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tor Lundvall

Let me introduce an ambient musician and amazing painter Tor Lundvall (*1968) living in New York.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Magic True Service Tree

Jan Karpíšek: The Magic True Service Tree, acryl on canvas, 70x55, 2008

"The Magic True Service Tree" was painted for anniversary exhibition "Horizontal and the Banana" at opportunity of 15 years of FaVU in The Reduta Theatre (10.10.2008). The Witty Pear entered the painting absolutely incidentally. This work of art is enlargement of a spontaneous drawing which describes only spiritual practice, turning all the senses inside, calming the mind and awareness of this and that. The exogenous powers could have sudden impact on one's life. But are they truly extraneous?!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Fish in The Head

Jan Karpíšek: A Fish in the Head, acryl on canvas, 30x80 cm, 2008, benefit project

If you live in the World, you have world in your head, but you can perceive in a different way, if you know that.

Friday, September 12, 2008

In the Kettle

Jan Karpíšek: In the Kettle, acryl on canvas, 100x100 cm, 2008

Original art on canvas by painter Jan Karpíšek "In the Kettle" is a view inside the copper kettle on its bottom several beings stand around a little kettle while their heads are small kettles as well. The kettles around a kettle in the kettle refers to the fact of impermanence of the physical plain where "heating" is our future. Details made in the glossy metallic color mean the holy Fire.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Shakuhachi freestyle

Jan Karpíšek: Shakuhachi freestyle, acryl on canvas, 135x160 cm, 2008

Original painting by Jan Karpíšek "Shakuhachi freestyle" shows miscellaneous beings floating on the ocean of world, the islands of Gold shines afar, we're breathing into shakuhachi flutes, somebody's even drowning, but bodhisattva is skating on water with a skate of water he himself made of water as well. Painting looks unfinished but author said: FINISHED! and rather demonstrates that mind creates judgements and criteria than shows a perfectly completed picture. aum :)

Whose hand and the rest in flowing of time?

Jan Karpíšek: Whose hand and the rest in flowing of time?, acryl on canvas, 45x54 cm, 2008

Original painting by Jan Karpíšek "Whose hand and the rest in flowing of time?" shows a being in the world of phenomenons who is entangled in the same substance he is made of. We see his blood and flesh and thoughts. Well, whose hand is that, grandpa?

Saturday, May 31, 2008


Jan Karpíšek: Arunachala, acryl on canvas, 95x105 cm, 2008

Original painting by Jan Karpíšek "Arunachala" refers to the holy mountain in south India, by which Sri Ramana Maharshi lived. Arunachala mountain represents Shiva, terminator of illusion that we are bodies and minds. Shiva is a master of all yogis, holy Lord and the most inner Self, except Him nothing exists and ever existed. Aum Tat Sat :) Even the tears of suffering pumpkins originated in the most Firm Mountain! Be aware that you're not a craving pumpkin! :) More about Sri Arunachala.

Friday, April 11, 2008

La Marche du serpent aveugle vers la vérité

Jan Karpíšek: La Marche du serpent aveugle vers la vérité, tea and watercolor on carton, 43x48 cm, 2008La Marche du serpent aveugle vers la vérité (signed on back)

Original painting by Jan Karpíšek inspired by the shape of coincidental tea blot which associated The Pilgrimage of a Blind Snake to the Truth, nihilist philosophical novel by Ladislav Klíma.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ramesh Balsekar

Now you're just one click away from the great videos and homepage of amazing contemporary Advaita master - Ramesh Balsekar. :-) Enjoy! I'd like to paint what I've accepted and I accept what I've ever painted.


Friday, January 18, 2008

New Exhibition in the Radikala Gallery

The latest exhibition in the Radikala Web Gallery shows paintings by Czech artist Martina Lupačová Švarcová (MLŠ). She creates spiritual paintings very often as she really is deeply spiritual woman. See Martina's homepage and her virtual exhibition on radikala.cz (Radikala is an internet project dedicated to contemporary and authentic fine arts. This concept is to be considered as Radical in the age of ego-and-money-in-art.)


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Aikido in contemporary Art - Shihonage by Jan Karpisek

Jan Karpíšek: Shihonage (Aikido), acryl on canvas, 95x105 cm, 2008Aikido in contemporary art (signature on back)

Original painting by Jan Karpíšek titled Shihonage depicts an eleven year old girl who has complete control over a man with a knife who attacked her in a poppy field. She is using the Aikido technique and this work of art is a tribute to Aikido; a way of harmony, japanese martial art, and author's wish: May all weak who are in the right win over strong who come with violence and delict!!! Girl Power!

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Christmas commission: child portrait

Julinka and the Hedgehogs, Christmas commission for Mr. M.K., acryl on canvas, 100x120 cm, 2007

Julinka and the Hedgehogs, Christmas commission for Mr. M.K., acryl on canvas, 100x120 cm, 2007

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Petr Kožíšek

Petr Kožíšek, Milena in Paris II, 2007, 140x135 cm, tempera, email and acryl on canvas

Petr Kožíšek, Milena in Paris II, 2007, 140x135 cm, tempera, email and acryl on canvas

Painter Petr Kožíšek (1972) created this painting of Czech emigrant Milena and realized then the portrait is very similar to my face. And that's true! Sometimes we're surprised with the results of our art explorations. And this made me happy. Thank you Peter! :)
See also his latest web show on Radikála, where is also published his latest real exhibition in the Dolmen Gallery.


Pavla Kislerová is in India

One day we made a trip to the Holštejn Cave with my fellows from Punkwa Art Group and Dr. Václav Cílek (I wrote about it on this blog and on my site) I was lying on the stone inside the cave when someone came to me and said: "Can I ask you something? Aren't you cold?" :) It was Pavla and that's how we've met. Nowadays she's in Kashmir with her english friend. Good luck pilgrims! Look at her blog, website, fellow student Klarisa, boyfriend and video. I think she's cool and spiritual. :)


Invitation to Cuba and the Google videos from April

I'm in touch with Ms. Karina Hernandez-Boodhoo from Holguin, Cuba for few months. The Culture Ministry of Holguin is willing to communicate with the artists worldwide and invite them to Festivals which they organize. Just read the latest invitation letter. And here are some short videos on Google by Alice Hilmarová from the ARSkontakt Balance exhibition opening in April 2007 at the South Wing of The Brno City-Hall: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 For your information ARSkontakt is an art competition for artists under 26 years, founded by curator Kateřina Tučková.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Camilo Villanueva

Today I'd like to introduce Camilo Villanueva, a painter from Argentina. Camilo creates colorful paintings which remind me crystals of energy behind the closed eyes or different dimensions and layers of physical space. His original style is based on sensitively composed colors in bright clean facets and auras. Find more on his websites www.camilovillanueva.com


Friday, November 30, 2007

Latest finds

Have a look at the angels around The Throne of the Lord from The Paris Apocalypse and these plasmatic elves on wonderful paintings by Martin Mainer. Oh, those colours!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Video of JK's Ostrava exhibition opening


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Marie Polaskova

I had a very special dream tonight. I met there my former fellow student Marie, who I haven't seen for years neither in the real life nor in my dreamings. It was a surprise, when she, a teacher of yoga, Tensegrity and other psycho-physical exercises within the scope of her graduant study at FaVU, caught my hand on a meadow where a lot of practitioners were having their places in the midnight. She steered me to her blanket in front of all the others (she was a leader of the rest of people) - it was my place. Then she sidled away...for a while. But I fell asleep earlier than she moved back. When I woke up in the dream she started kindly comment my actual estate of life, lovely criticize my actual spiritual situation. Then it became a lucid dreaming. Maybe the most stupid but most common approach, at least which I do, is a trying to contact the person in this watchful kind of sleep. I tried to do that again and saw some visions in a "window" or through "a channel" but I think little of that. Then it slowly and continuously changed to the perfect awareness. I woke up physically but still be in bed, without any vestige of sleepiness but restful and meditating. The message was clear. Imagine yourself five years ago and compare your ideals to your actual life. Maybe I was reading too much the recent auction results, omitting the spirit these days. To be here and now! OK, thank you my dear inner voice, I'll be more careful. I started with making today a fasting day. Btw. Marie is definitely very interesting painter and I'd name her a spiritual artist as well. See her websites www.e-marie.cz and her Stuart Page. Anyway I think that the topic of my awaking dream was not herself as a person. :)

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Stuck in the Middle of November - a few pictures from the art exhibition opening

Group photo of participating artists, art exhibition Stuck in the Middle of November opening 14.11.2007 Topič's Salon Národní 9 Prague

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

From the Bottom Up and Invitation to Stuck in the Middle of November

The latest painting which I created and exhibited (in the Gallery Minikino in Ostrava) is a watercolor on paper titled From the Bottom Up (Zdola nahoru) and it's a view from the underground point in a direction up, to the light, by and through many tiny roots of plants and the earthworms with similar body structure. It's a brush drawing inspired by an idea which came to me during gardening. From the Bottom Up, watercolor on paper, 49x70 cm, 2007 When I try to remember about the initial inspiration one vision is always coming on my mind: the skeletons from my painting The Mass Loan in Progress (about temporality of our physical bodies loan) lying below a tree, viewed from the top of the tree. From another pocket: I'd like to invite those of you who live or visit Prague in the middle of November to the opening of interesting selection of contemporary Czech painting which will take place in a prestigious Topic's Salon (Topičův salon) on the National Avenue (Národní třída 9), a jump from the National Theatre building which stands on the Vltava riverside. Since 1895 there were organized many important exhibitions and in May 2007 the second most expensive Czech painting ever was auctioned off there (The Abstract Composition by František Kupka for 13,4 million crowns). The show in November is titled Stuck in the Middle of November and its core consists of Prague Stuckists, Czech section of british artistic movement - Stuckism and it's curated by Robert Janás PhD. and sponsored by the Dolmen Gallery. I'm not in the Stuckists art group but I'm glad to be selected to exhibit with them, some of them are my good friends. A representational catalogue was printed on the occasion of this exhibition. The second huge auction of modern Czech art by Gallery Dolmen will take place in the Topic's salon on the November 25th but you can see the hundreds of auction lots already now. Come and join the party. :)

Galerie Dolmen: Uvízli v listopadu /Stuck in the middle of November/ Filip Kudrnáč Jaroslav Valečka Lukáš Orlita Jan Spěváček Jana Prekopová Barbora Lungová Kateřina Pažoutová Jan Karpíšek Jiří Hauschka Robert Janás ve středu 14. listopadu 2007 v 18.00 hodin Topičův salón, Národní 9, Praha 1 úvodní slovo: Robert Janás, PhD. výstava potrvá do 30.11.2007

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Silvia Harambalova

Silvia Harambalova is a contemporary Bulgarian artist, a painter and a textile artist. Silvia and her husband Borislav manage international retreats in two houses (atelier and house + yard for 40 Euro per night) in a beautifual area at the foot of the Rhodopa Mountain in Bulgaria. In fact she wrote me because of this offer. I like her colourful watercolors.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Jaison Cianelli

Here comes the second artist who answered our free offer: Jaison Cianelli creating imaginative illustrations of spiritual thoughts which he likes playing with letters like a calligraphy painter, colourful oil pastels, kind narrative sketches and also photography. He's a very good example of "more than decoration" quote sticking well to the meaning. Welcome, Jaison!


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Maristha Schellink

It's a pleasure for me to invite here Maristha Schellink, 39 years old artist and healer from South Africa. Maristha stated on her websites about her work that she paints who and what she is, so as she changed, her paintings changed too. Maristha Schellink: Moon Fairy No.2, 45x35 cm She is interested in Reiki, alternative healing methods, runes, tai chi... Her colourful paintings often created on a triangular surface represents her own spiritual aspirations and journey. These are full of energy and subtile beauty. Most of all I like her figurative drawings of the "Isa series" where I see the strongest (or maybe most palpable) message. I was glad when I found some similar shapes and topics in her art as Lukas Karbus or I have created. Please take a while and have a look at maristha.blogspot.com. There is a lot of light. Welcome, Maristha!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An open offer for all spiritual artists - free presentation and about video Cosmos by Pavel Magda Prazak

Well, as I see, Google Search resulted this website as No.1 for "spiritual paintings" phrase though I didn't add any new content so I'd like to invite all of you for participation in this project. The Radikala lesson taught me that successful web community requires a lot of pro-active effort. And I don't want to work on any web project now when I bought the garden as well as so many paintings are waiting to be finished. I offer this place for every spiritual artist - you and your works can be the new content here on SpiritualPaintings.org! Just write me an email or response to this post. Send me your pictures or address of your online portfolio and I will probably publish a post about you (if it will be proper content). Imagine how some art enthusiast types "spiritual paintings" in Google and in few clicks he will see your works. Yes, it's possible that we will loose the first position in Google. This fall happens usually and maybe you have heard about it. But does it matter? :) I want to find some new friends. For an inspiration I add below three parts of great video by my friend Pavel Magda. It's a pitty that he hasn't won the Start Point Prize for that and he was just a bit out of winning! By the way it's me who whistles the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's melody and imitates frog's quackeling with a sling hanged on his neck (in the second part). ;)

See more his videos on YouTube.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Spiritual Paintings

I have overpainted The Landscape made in 2002 with "a time raster". Stroke by stroke I covered all the dirty sky in this small picture. Now it looks much better. This kind of raster gave name to whole series where the process is more important than result. Or do I actually know what is more important? The Landscape with Time, acryl on canvas, 44x53 cm, 2002 (2007) I can be only aware of the simple painting approach and watch its accuracy as well as my thoughts. This concentration allows me sometimes to realize basic background, a moment without thoughts. But no hurry. It's coming slowly. Something what has never gone and is only hidden. /Maybe it's a problem that I like the metaphors in art so much./ ;) The Wool of Time, watercolor on paper, 10,5x15 cm, 2007 Prior remake of this landscape I created several pieces on paper. My favourite result is a small (10,5 x 15 cm) Wool of Time with orange watercolour, cheap black ink and tea lines rotates. This black ink changed color into grey with green tones when contacted with water..but I'd like to keep the whole principle of its origin hidden. I really enjoyed it. Anyway the most important using of time raster came later on a light-blue canvas where few beings are looking for their own meaning of life. Are they aware of their most beloved activity like animals or better? The Spiritual Painting with Time, acryl on canvas, 95x110 cm, 2007 An ugly slim model watching her beauty in a mirror and a fat rich man holding his money watching only profit and its unlimited rising. :) A marihuana smoker, rasta pothead is not focusing on any subject much on this painting. He is smoked and his consciousness foggy. Above these three being are others who have deeper knowledge of reality. They're better connected with the blueness (oneness, background of existence) and also a contact with outside the frame is present but something is covering them. It's a time raster but its meaning is not strictly Time allthough its title is The Spiritual Painting with Time. I just haven't found a better name yet. :) The Frei Jack Dancing, acryl on jute canvas, 46x55 cm, 2007 Similar combination of blue and brown is used on the last painting I want to mention today. The wise fool Frei Jack is dancing while his body shaped with link of unpainted yute. This principle of inverted line is another material-metaphor I've already used (e.g. in Insect and The Bearded Man). Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, one of important advaita masters of our era was speaking often about the Essence of Being and the observer of this elementary prerequisite of all other deeds and phenomenons. It is a pure background of canvas in my art. Maharaj said that only who realized the source of this essence, of counsciousness of self is free. (But no hurry...) Fool Frei Jack knows the source of essence of being (certainely it's not a matter of knowing, thoughts and words but live experience) he has no future so he is only dancing. Dance, dance, dance now and here! :)

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cílek, Kožíšek and the others in March

I wrote an email to painter Petr Kožíšek (1971) offering him an opportunity to join this website and other virtual places managed by me for free because I consider his works as highly spiritual. It's been more than a week he didn't respond to me. But never mind...

While a huge response in many dimensions and spheres came to me for the trip with Václav Cílek and other eight people to The Dungeon Cave in Holštejn last Saturday. The Dungeon Cave in Holštejn, Moravian Karst I don't want to publish my thoughts and feelings from there, some of them are too private and actually it's also a problem to draw up some words. :) Have a look at the photos from this trip and if you live not so far than don't wait and go to Holštejn too. The Cave itslef is a big space inside a grey (white?) rock placed on the tableland above the village. Dr. Cílek has wonderful knowledge and very kind character. I like him.

Currently I do paint more often than in January for example (but now I still suffer from missing the aikido trainings - while on the last one I passed successfuly through the 6th kyu tests). I make mainly watercolors and inks on paper, but the canvases continue too, whereas I took a fancy to the long term being with. Never before I lived with my paintings for months, walked by them and met them during most of the ordinary days. This long-lasting liaison seems to be the benefit, with time I see what is important, fascination by particular success disappears, yes - liaison, I create the paintings and they create me through their presence, the externalised interior speaks from outside to inside about itself to itself, all is one anyway.
Jack In The Green, painting by Jan Karpíšek
Especially I rejoice the Green canvas which is about Jack in the Green, spirit of wood as well as about the awareness which reject nothing of its focus. It's not finished yet and I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it until the important show on April the 18th (ARSkontakt balancing at 6 pm in the South Wing of New city hall in Brno) where it will be presented until the 15th May. (The show repetition will take place in Prague between 10th October and 10th November.) ARSkontakt is a new name of Artkontakt, competition of young artists, whereas I was awarded by the 2nd Prize in 2004. Before the green one I created a small orange called One Energy. Five days prior the ARSkontakt show there will be a huge benefit auction AMARO JILO in the Brno House of Art whereas I donated Parsley and Time of Woman. Probably they won't be available for such a discounted prices (21 and 12 thousands CZK) anymore but also I think that only one of them will be sold. This auction profit will support mending of parish center for gypsy kids by Zbrojovka factory, which I walked many times around when we had a studio with Punkwa Art Group there.

Once we read in horoscope that Pisces zodiacal sign are characteristic with their unhappiness and dissatisfaction and here it applies to me, I'm still not satisfied with how much I paint but it's good, hopefully the pain will force me to paint more. Someday I looked at our kitchen unit desk, yellowing and browning of superior tea preparing everyday several times, a deed which I do most properly, so I put a piece of carton on it and thereby another big time art project started, reminiscent to The Oranges in my graduation work. Soul of Fish must relax sometimes and this will help certainly, well now I do paint few times a day. :D An expression of flux evidential of this Fishness is also my liking of music by Karate (from Massachusetts), even some of their solo I do not much love, more I like e.g. Samiam in fact. These days I'm enjoying the new release by Lifetime and Květy.

Well strange today I wanted Barbara to shoot me with a camera as I was preparing Gyokuro tea but she said that it's really stupid to present myself as "the right guy" with "the right alternative hobbies". I thought that it would be a nice visual work dedicated to tea and tea-painting-timeness (I use a carton below the pot to record time) and I felt it's natural and fine idea. She feels that self-presenation as a "Japanofil" is silly and this is natural and fine as well. :) So we made nothing. Never mind... :)

I made some new pictures of the badly documented early works like for example great common paintings with Alfred Symůnek from January 2003 as well as "Tracking for One Snail and Four Drosophila Flies" and again found photo of The Japanese Garden (Waterfall).

And how are you? Send me a comment. :)

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

AdSense and Valentine

Yesterday I have added the Google Adverts (AdSense) to the SpiritualPaintings.Org and now it works fine. I don't expect hundreds of bucks in royalties but this web was so long time empty that this is actually a big change. Now there are at least some paintings by me. My plan is adding a short relevant text from sacred books or teachings of enlightened persons to every painting. It's not necessary to mention selling on every page, I want to create illustrated guide through spiritual practice or a catalogue / portfolio of original visions with the comments describing its inspiration. On the beginning it was planned as a portal for every artist who I'll choose. Now it's designated as my own presentation but it's not strictly egoistic project. If someone wants his image to be presented here and I will like it, everyone's art will be published for free. No problem. Just let me know. :)

Tomorrow is a Valentine Day. It's a new event in our country, imported from the States or from somewhere... We are going to walk in the wood with Barbara. I'm looking forward to do it. And also to do painting. On Thursday me and the other guys from the Punkwa Art Group will travel to small village Rudice. Its name refers to "the ore" and it's also the reason for our trip. We will pick up some soils rich for the natural iron pigments and try to burn it and paint some new pieces about our region, nature, land and spirituality of the Earth.

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