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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who is always listening how the sweet pears ring?

Jan Karpíšek: Who is always listening how the sweet pears ring?, watercolor on paper, 42x49 cm, 2009, private collection, Czech Republic

Original watercolor painting by painter Jan Karpíšek "Who is always listening how the sweet pears ring?" is a wider koan version representing meditation experience when suddenly both inner and out-of-head localization of sound appeared and an object for observation was also listening aparatus inside the head of observer.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Cipher of The Web

The Cipher of The Web, acryl on canvas, 45x70 cm, 2009, private collection, Czech Republic

Original painting by painter Jan Karpíšek "The Cipher of The Web" shows a silhouette of pure enlightened buddha having rest, who cut off all thinking and had an insight in tissue of web of the world. Fish without head, sun reflections on the water-table inside and outside of mind...

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

AdSense and Valentine

Yesterday I have added the Google Adverts (AdSense) to the SpiritualPaintings.Org and now it works fine. I don't expect hundreds of bucks in royalties but this web was so long time empty that this is actually a big change. Now there are at least some paintings by me. My plan is adding a short relevant text from sacred books or teachings of enlightened persons to every painting. It's not necessary to mention selling on every page, I want to create illustrated guide through spiritual practice or a catalogue / portfolio of original visions with the comments describing its inspiration. On the beginning it was planned as a portal for every artist who I'll choose. Now it's designated as my own presentation but it's not strictly egoistic project. If someone wants his image to be presented here and I will like it, everyone's art will be published for free. No problem. Just let me know. :)

Tomorrow is a Valentine Day. It's a new event in our country, imported from the States or from somewhere... We are going to walk in the wood with Barbara. I'm looking forward to do it. And also to do painting. On Thursday me and the other guys from the Punkwa Art Group will travel to small village Rudice. Its name refers to "the ore" and it's also the reason for our trip. We will pick up some soils rich for the natural iron pigments and try to burn it and paint some new pieces about our region, nature, land and spirituality of the Earth.

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